Consistency: (noun)  con·sis·ten·cy  \kən-ˈsis-tən(t)-sē\- Harmony of conduct or practice with profession

Usually with a new year we make sure to pick a single word or phrase to represent the tone we plan to set for the next 12 months. I don’t exactly remember what I chose for 2015, however I became very intentional about making 2016 the year of consistency.

As a creative and brand builder, I have found that nothing else matters as long as your consistency is A1 (in other words, “on point”). What I’ve discovered most of all is that this grand following that we seek, whether it be 50K Twitter and IG followers, 100k views on YouTube or a sold-out event, will not come to us if our consistency level is piss poor. With consistency comes putting in W O R K. If you lack the work ethic to keep your content, craft, etc consistent, then you can certainly kiss those dreams of high numbers and a solid following goodbye.

What many of us fail to realize is that the overflow of coins won’t be coming in overnight. Our influence probably won’t reach the masses within one week. But if we keep at it and stay the course on a CONSISTENT basis, we are sure to succeed! If that means staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish that project or spending your last to invest in that piece of equipment needed to keep your stuff consistent, then you may want to consider the sacrifice.

This is a particular notion that I had to drill into my subconscious. I’ve always had (and still have) major plans and goals for “A Zealous Voice” and the empire that it has the potential to be. I would watch other bloggers and influencers and see their success, yet wonder why on earth I wasn’t at that level yet. Looking back, I realize that I was thinking very small. Most of the people who are out here poppin’ with their brands are folks who have been working at this for years and years on end. How could I possibly be able to pop if I’ve only been doing this for five months on a terribly inconsistent basis? How would I expect people to follow and support me if I had no real work ethic toward reaching my goals?

In this day in age we want everything in 30 seconds or less. We have to get in our brains that the road to success is a journey that doesn’t have an expected end. We cannot even attempt to cheat our process. Trusting it and rolling with the punches is a requirement.

So if you’re like me, starting things all over again from the bottom, you’re seeing those low numbers. You’re only getting that one viewer on Periscope or 10 views for the week on your site. But you know what… someone is looking! And if what you have to offer is solid and of great use, that one viewer is going to share and your platform is going to grow. The only way to make it happen is by continuing to give the people the best you’ve got on a CONSISTENT basis. If your vision is as valuable as it feels in your heart, share it. It has been placed there for a purpose. People will see your light and they will come to you.

Give it time. Develop that patience. Stay in prayer. You WILL thrive!

So here’s to 2016. A year of consistency, fierce work ethic and the manifestation of dreams. Do it zealously.