My Journey From Two Eyes To Four

Three weeks ago, a huge bomb was dropped on my little life. I was sitting in one of my large lectures and noticed that everything on the screen looked like jumble. Initially I thought I was going crazy. I kept opening my eyes wider and rubbing them over and over thinking I was still sleepy. As I moved on to my next lecture I noticed that my life was changing before my eyes. I couldn’t see anything! (Well, I could. Everything was just blurry.)

I can be a little dramatic at times, so I thought I was fooling myself. And of course... I freaked out. I was making hysterical phone calls to my mother and grandmother about how I was going blind! *insert eye roll* I didn’t know anything about optometry, so this was definitely a task. After asking around about who to go to and where it would be most affordable since my insurance plan  failed me, I began my journey from two eyes to four!

Where Did I Go?

Being that my insurance wouldn’t cover my frames and prescription, I knew that I did not want to go to a private optometrist. Therefore, I did my research and found America’s Best! I’ve heard of them before, but never really paid attention to their commercials since I never needed their services before.

What stood out to me with them compared to their competitors was that they had a sweet “buy two frames for $69.95 and get a free eye exam”. For the other place that I considered, an eye exam alone would have been $80, so of course, this was definitely the better deal.

What Kind of Frames Did I Pick?

Once I got my eyes checked and it was confirmed that my 20/20 vision was destroyed, it came time for the fun! I’m super indecisive, especially when it comes to shopping, so I made sure to bring a friend along for a solid second opinion. From the moment the idea of me having to wear glasses even became a possibility, I knew for sure that I wanted two particular colors… purple and black. It was also very important to find glasses that fit well on my face. Purple was essential because it’s the greatest color ever created. Second, I sought out black frames for my “frumpy” days.

At America’s Best, they have different sections for each price range, 2 for $69.95, $104.95, $119.95 and so on. I went straight for the $69.95 section but ended up mixing and matching a pair with one from a different price section. The best part was that the price difference was reasonable! I'll get my Chanel frames one day. After about 30 minutes of going back and forth, trying on countless frames, I finally found the ones for me! I wanted a purple pair to be fun and display a view of my personality based on the style. I ended up coming across a pair of purple cateye frames, with a subtle black detail. Next, I found a rectangular pair of black frames with little color lines on the side. They each do their respective job, by my purple frames giving me a little extra stylish flair, while my black frames give me the professional, yet relaxed look.

How Did I Adjust?

This is probably the most interesting portion of my journey. Once I paid for the frames and the cost of the lenses, I was told that they would be ready in five to seven business days. Thankfully, they were ready in three. When I came to pick up my glasses I put a on pair and it was like a whole new world! Everything was clear… I felt like life was now showing in HD. I was so happy! But, things got very weird once I walked out of the store. When I had my glasses on I felt about two feet shorter than my actual height (I’m only 5’4 at that). When I would take them off it felt like I sprung right back to my normal height. I was very disoriented for the first few days as my eyes were adjusting to the fact that my lenses made things look closer than they appear. I learned that I’m near-sighted!

After the adjustment phase, everything has been a breeze. I love my glasses so much! To me, they’re just another accessory to help me enhance my personal style. If my vision ever worsens, I’ll consider contacts. But for now, I’m team four eyes!

Me and my bestie, Imani!

Me and my bestie, Imani!