WE WANT JANET: Four Reasons Janet Jackson Should Be Indcuted Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

I was in complete and total shock when I learned that the LEGENDARY Janet Jackson has yet to be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Forget shock… I’m actually outraged! Beyond her place as the baby of one of the world’s most recognized families, Janet has been launched into a stratosphere of her own since her music debut in 1982. From decade to decade, Janet has continued to deliver and it looks as though she has no plans of stopping. She’s on a world tour right now for crying out loud!

Here I will give you four pieces of evidence as to why Janet is deserving of this honor that is WAY overdue!


1.             She has not one... not five... but SEVEN number one albums!

The best part is that her newest album, Unbreakable is one of them. This makes her the third act to receive number one albums in each of the last four decades. Even at 49, Miss Jackson’s still got it!

2.        She has been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records… NINE TIMES!

Some of the categories include, "Most Searched Person in Internet History", "Top Selling Dance Album of the Decade" for janet, and "Most Expensive Short Film" for "Scream".

3.        Rhythm Nation

  Not only was the song a powerful social narrative, as well as favorite of Michael Jackson, but it also inspired  Beyonce to dress like her for Halloween. Enough said.

4.         She’s a Triple Threat.. With a Bonus

 How many entertainers do you know that can sing, dance AND act? Plus, she’s gorgeous! She was one the hottest sex symbols in  the 90s.

Voting has already closed, but soon enough we will know if Janet has earned her place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Also keep an eye out for N.W.A and Chaka Khan, as they were nominated as well!