I Dumped Bae For Apple Music

I am a self-proclaimed music fanatic, so it is quite crucial for me to have the best music streaming app possible. For a long time it was all about Pandora. Pandora was cute for a time until I came to the point where my skips ran out (I know you know how that feels). And then I realized that I couldn’t listen to what I wanted when I wanted with Pandora. It wasn't giving me what I needed or desired. Therefore, it got kicked right to the curb.

Next up was Spotify. Now, I was on Spotify for about a year. So much so that I didn’t mind dropping coins on a monthly basis to be a premium member. Basically, it was bae. I loved how I had the liberty to create my own playlists with the songs that I wanted to hear on MY time. Plus, it was commercial free! Whenever the latest albums dropped, I was able to get to them immediately thanks to Spotify. Any song I wanted to listen to, no matter how old it was or who it was by, I was able to find it. Well, except for any Aaliyah album beyond ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’. I was very satisfied musically. I thought it couldn’t get any better. Almost like the perfect relationship.

That was until… Apple Music. When I first heard about Apple Music I was hesitant because I felt that they were trying to take my beloved Spotify out of business. So of course, I remained loyal to it. It wasn’t until I upgraded iPhones did I notice the new pretty design of the signature iTunes icon. I tapped on it and it immediately took me to Apple Music. And to make it even more tempting, it offered a free 3-month trial. How can you say no to that?! Of course, I registered for it.

Apple Music was giving me the same product as Spotify, or so it seemed. That was until a few days later when I noticed  pre-made playlists that were popping up under the “For You” tab. I saw that they had music playlists created based simply on what I liked! Apple Music noticed my music listening trends and personalized the app just for me. It knew exactly what I wanted and that is how I realized I couldn’t live without it. It's like it wanted to know me more than Spotify ever did. At that moment, I had to end my love affair with Spotify. As difficult as it was, I knew I deserved better and Apple Music gave me just that.

Two of my FAVORITE artists back to back. You can't get any better than that!

Two of my FAVORITE artists back to back. You can't get any better than that!

For all of my music people, I URGE you to get on the Apple Music wave as soon as possible! No other music streaming service compares. That is… if you’re willing to drop a monthly payment after your trial expires. Apple Music gives you what you want and exceeds by creating content for you! I don’t even need to create my own playlists anymore!

It’s just like what Kerry Washington said in the Apple Music Commercial, “It’s like you have a boyfriend who makes you mixtapes in your laptop.” This streaming service knows you and it cares. 

If this didn't convince you or even make you at least a little curious, this commercial definitely should. Happy listening!