3 Activities To Get You Through Your Social Media Hiatus


Sometimes we may find it necessary to take a step back from the madness that can be social media in order to catch our breath. Especially those of us who find ourselves permanently attached to our phones. We feel like we’re obligated to make sure that we don’t miss a beat, whether it’s knowing what’s going in the world around us or if we’re simply trying to stay up to date with the latest tea. Some folks and their “Twitter logic” can be so overwhelming that we may feel the need to find solitude away from the web. I know that I try to do this at least once a month.

Once I decide to take my social media hiatus, I find myself puzzled because it seems like there’s nothing else to do! Well, for all of you out there who are looking for alternatives to social media when in need of a break, I have some suggestions. Although these may seem a little basic I promise you that they can come in handy. It’s easy to forget about the little, yet powerful things we can do once we disconnect from the web.


I’m currently on a social media hiatus and I felt so distraught without Twitter. It’s actually pretty sad, actually. On my way out of the door, I picked up the latest issue of InStyle and read it from cover to cover. I cannot even tell you the last time I read through an entire magazine. And you know what… I learned something! Yes, I read my timeline and articles that come attached to it, but there is nothing like picking up a book or magazine to pass the time. You never know what you’ll capture through flipping tangible pages. Plus, I was able to pick up on some great fashion tips and grab some inspiration from an awesome Donna Karan interview. (P.S. I had no idea that the editor-in-chief of InStyle is a man. Go figure!)

Strike Up A Conversation!

It’s so easy to hop on Twitter or Facebook to let the world know what you’re thinking. If you really think about it, if no one is really engaging with your tweet or status you’re basically talking to yourself. Whenever I find myself itching to tweet out a random thought or even my own “wisdom”, I instead pick up my phone and send a text to a friend! Or if I have time, I’ll pick up the phone and call a relative. It serves as a great way to express to someone that you’re thinking about them. Sometimes when we’re so engrossed in social media, we can neglect the possibility of a solid and meaningful person-to-person conversation.

Work On A Project Distraction Free!

Whenever I’m writing or putting some extra work into my personal blog, I find myself putting in more time than I planned because every five minutes I’m taking a “Twitter break” to see what’s going on. Honestly, there isn’t too much to miss on a social media hiatus. If you’re connected to the right blogs, newsletters and other publications, you will still be in the know. So instead of causing social media to consume your time, put more into that project that you’ve been dying to complete! You’ll have a clear mind and solid time to get it done.

I hope that these three simple, yet crucial suggestions will help get you through your next social media hiatus. You’ll come out refreshed and restored.

Do you have any alternative activities to add?