Goodbye Necole Bitchie, Hello Necole Kane

(Photo: Necole's Instagram)

(Photo: Necole's Instagram)

The entire blogosphere as we know it was recently turned upside down when the fabulous and always in-the-know celebrity gossip blogger “‘Necole Bitchie”, dropped what seemed to be an atomic bomb. The creator of the entertainment site shared with the world that she would be ending her popular blog after seven years.

Necole penned an open letter to her readers where she revealed the reasoning for her walking away from the empire she built from the ground up.

In her final post, “It’s Time For Me To Move On,” Necole wrote about her journey from Necole Kane, a small town girl from the Maryland’s Eastern Shore, to Necole Bitchie, the the big New York City character who had all the latest tea before anyone else could spill it. She had gone from times of living broke and homeless and to having everything that she could ever ask for… or so she thought.

“No matter how much success I had, or how many page views our stories generated, I felt as though  I was regressing,” Necole wrote. She began to realize after her site began to really blow up, that the overall message behind it was not what she wanted. “I also realized that speaking to young women gave me more fulfillment than those blogs I was posting every day,” she said. The roaring fire that was Necole Bitchie was slowly beginning to die. As time continued, Necole began to feel that she was being boxed in. She felt that she could not be who she really was as Necole Kane because of the persona everyone else expected her to be.


Recently, Necole joined “Fashion Queens” star, Bevy Smith on her podcast entitled, “Bevy Says”. In the emotional interview, Necole opened up about how the pressure and unhappiness from her life led to a point where she began having suicidal thoughts. That’s when she knew that something had to change. “There were times where I would have to take breaks because I needed it, mentally,” Necole told Bevy. When Necole took her 10-day or so vacations from updating the site, she would receive negative feedback from some her readers.Some went as far as to call her lazy. “It was then that I realized they [her readers] come to this site because I am offering them a service. But, they didn’t care about me and my well-being as a person.”

After attending one of Bevy’s “Life with Vision” event, Necole saw that it was time to take charge over her life. Bevy had invited Necole to speak on her success, but instead she felt led to share with everyone that she was unhappy and ready to move on. Necole expressed that Bevy’s event changed her life.

Toward the end of the site, Necole began to focus more on special interest stories that were based on positivity and inspiration. Necole mentioned that once she made that transition to such stories, her numbers tripled. “I ended my blog with the best numbers I’ve had since I started my site,” she said. Her most popular story was about Kyemah McEntyre, a teen who designed her own Afro-centric styled prom dress.

(Photo: Necole's Instagram)

(Photo: Necole's Instagram)

Even with Necole’s new direction of inspirational content, she knew that it could not be done with her old platform. “As much as I tried to put positvity on “NecoleBitchie”, Necole Bitchie was still there. The site looked the same and it was going to be perceived the same.” Therefore, Necole Bitchie had to be laid to rest. She shared that she’s always been obsessed with what her legacy would be after she’s gone. She knew that being known simply as a gossip blogger was not it.

Now, Necole Kane is on a journey where she is creating a new persona. “I am building a site that I want to read and that I want my kids to read. I had to strip myself of the Necole Bitchie name and what it stood for in order to do that.” She hopes that her story will inspire young women to pursue their heart’s desires rather than living for what others expect of them. “It’s okay to evolve, and it’s definitely okay to reinvent,” Necole wrote in her last post.

The story of Necole Kane has been an inspiration for so many women, including myself. I discovered Necole in 2012 and from there I aspired to follow in her footsteps. Even so much as to create my own entertainment blogs that didn’t turn out so great at that point in time. What I admire most is her fearlessness. Despite what others may think or what they may have said, Necole no longer allowed others to define her destiny and she stayed true to herself. To me, that receives an entire stadium-sized standing ovation.

Necole tweeted to her followers that she is launching her passion project in a few weeks. I and her many other supporters are very excited to see what’s in store!

Necole closed her letter with this, “Although it is the end of Necole Bitchie – it’s not the end of my life journey. I’ve only scratched the surface of my true potential.”

You can listen to Necole's interview with Bevy Smith here: