A New Series Produced By Common Is Coming to Showtime

Diversity is finally getting its rightful place on cable television. Reports say that rapper-turned-actor, Common, will be producing his very first scripted series for the Showtime network. The series, which does not have a title yet, would also be produced by Lena Waithe who had a part in producing the film, Dear White People.

The show would be following a young African-American male as his lives his life in today’s society. It will be very interesting to see if the events surrounding racial tension recently between African-Americans and the police force will be included within the storyline. Both Common and Waithe are from the South Side of Chicago, so it can be expected that some of their own personal experiences growing up may be included as well.

David Nelson, president of Showtime said, “The two creative forces behind the show give this pilot an unparalleled authenticity.”

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the birth of this series.