We've All Been Punk'd! 'UnCut' is NOT Coming Back to BET

Apparently BET felt that it would be cute to trick its viewers into thinking that they would be bringing back one of their classic shows, UnCut.

During their recent Player’s Awards, BET had viewers jumping for joy as they announced that the show, which featured the raunchiest of music videos, including Nelly’s infamous “Tip Drill”, would be returning to their late night television line up.

The show was scheduled to air last night at 11 p.m. Eastern. While fans tuned in ready to see things get a little nasty, the viewer discretion message for UnCut appeared only to show that we all were punk'd. Folks were not happy at all.

Instead, the program ended up being past clips of the classic show Punk’d which is being revived by BET and being aired next Tuesday. If the show is anything like the pranked they pulled, it must be bound to be good. Plus, it was genius advertisement.

Great job, BET. You really had us all fooled!