Sorry, Friends. There Is No Frank Ocean Album.

Looks like the joke is on us. Fans are mourning as the rumors that swirled regarding a Frank Ocean album releasing on July 31 proved to be false.

There is some right for Frank Ocean lovers to be upset. In April, Ocean teased on Tumblr that there would be two versions of the album speculated to be titled, “Boys Don’t Cry”. The Tumblr post also included the hashtag “July 2015”. Seems like a legitimate reason for fans to mark their calendars.

It’s been three years since the world has heard any new music from the former Odd Future member. Eyes were definitely focused on Ocean after R&B artist Miguel stated in an interview that he makes better music than the “Novacane” singer.

As of today, no Frank Ocean album has surfaced, leaving us all biting our nails as we wait for its arrival.