Mike Epps Takes On Richard Pryor

One of Black Hollywood’s favorite comedians, Mike Epps, is preparing to take on one of his biggest tasks yet. The star who was first introduced to us in “Next Friday” will be portraying his inspiration, comedic legend, Richard Pryor.

The Lee Daniels-directed film is set to begin filming in March. So far, the cast is looking to be very star-studded as Eddie Murphy, Oprah Winfrey and Kate Hudson will appear in the film alongside Mike.

Epps has been taking his time to prepare to truly embody Pryor. When discussing his strategy for preparation he told The Huffington Post, “[I’m] Just doing a lot research on the history of Richard Pryor. Trying to figure out the things that I need to figure out to play certain scenes. How I need to feel. What state of mind I need to be in, because this guy was a roller coaster, man. It wasn’t easy. [He was] close to something that’s scientific -- broken down into a whole lot of different ways.”

It's always nice to see a comedian take a step back from their craft to take on a serious role. Definitely looking forward to this!