Usher Gives 'New Look' To High School Dropouts

(Photo: Usher's New Look)

(Photo: Usher's New Look)

It’s always amazing to see celebs step down from their pedestal in order to reach back to their communities. R&B heartthrob, Usher, has made it his mission to combat the rates of high school dropouts across the world.

In 1999 Usher and his mother founded the “Usher’s New Look” program which was created to increase high school graduation rates and set students up for future success. Usher, who is a board member of the program,  with The Huffington Post that the values he finds to be most important to instill in young people are to, “find your spark, be entrepreneurial and above all, give back to your community.”

On a positive note, dropout rates have lowered in recent years. Two common factors lead to a student dropping out of school are lack from parental support and teenage pregnancy.  

Thus far, “Usher’s New Look” has worked with 25,000 students worldwide and plans to increase the number. The “Confessions Crooner” revealed his expectations for the future, “My goal is to keep doubling until the New Look effect can be felt around the world.”

Visit Usher's New Look to learn more about the program.