Now... Or Next...

One thing that I love most about life is the fact that we will never have it all figured out. What fun is watching a film that you’ve been dying to see, yet someone reveals the spoilers to you? Oftentimes we get so freakin’ frustrated that we don’t know what the next step in our lives is going to be. We get so wrapped up in what’s next that we don’t take the time to internalize the importance of what’s now. When we allow ourselves to get distracted from what’s happening right before us, we potentially end up missing an important component of what is next.

When I went to see Star Wars, I was being constantly distracted by my phone. Instead of paying attention to what was happening in the film at that present moment, I decided to answer my text messages. The result led to me being lost when the next scene appeared. I had to keep asking my younger brother questions to keep me up to date with what was going on. What I missed in that particular moment of the movie was there to prepare me for what was coming after. But since I wanted to do my own thing, I ended up being behind.

What I am trying to get at here is that while we’re driving ourselves insane trying to figure out the next piece to the puzzle, what we’re searching for is most likely right in the present moment. We have to be intentional about taking the time to rest and meditate on what we have in front of us today, rather than trying to control a tomorrow that may not come.

Lately, I’ve found myself missing out on important building blocks related to my purpose because I’ve been obsessed with what’s coming next week,  next month and even years from now. I feel that there are many times where God was giving me direction and instruction on what I needed to do, but I was so distracted about what hasn’t happened yet, that I missed it.

Keep your focus on the present moment. It is here to prepare you for what’s ahead. Also, don’t get yourself down if you’re not exactly where you want to be. This will not be your present forever!