Yes, I Moved Back Home

Sometimes I can find myself to be just a tad bit stubborn, especially when it comes to my freedom. I’m only about three weeks out of my undergraduate career and not for a second would you have convinced me that I was going to return to living at home. Throughout my time in college I lived away from home for three of the four years (including breaks). When I look back on it, I don’t know how I survived most of it because at one point I was staying in a dorm without a kitchen. I was able to come and go as I please, have company whenever I wanted and to really make the deal shine, I had not one soul to answer to. Living away from home at such a young age was the good life for me. After being humbled and finding myself at the place that I felt would be hell, with being back home, this turns out to be the better life.

Although I haven’t been back home that long, I’ve already begun to see the benefits that it will bring:

I Don’t Have to Pay Rent Anymore… For Now!

During my last semester in school I rented a room in a home with four other roommates. Which meant I had to provide rent, my share of the utilities, buy my own food, pay my phone bill and still try to have some fun. It worked well until I was close to reaching graduation. That’s when the funds got low. I tried to do everything in my power to stay in that house and avoid coming home, even if it meant scraping change and sacrificing my social life. But when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet without a job, living rent free started to look more appealing.

Now I have the opportunity to save more so that in about a year or so, I can move onward and upward to my own home! It would have been difficult for me to reach that particular goal if I had rent and bills to pay.

It’s Slowing Me Down

When I was in school, I was ALWAYS on the go. Parties, happy hours, you name it. Ask my roommates, you rarely caught me in the house. But now that I’m back home,  I can appreciate how it has helped me to channel my focus and priorities. Since I am away from the college environment (and don’t feel like driving there), being home has me thinking less about where I’ll be hanging out on Friday night and more about where I’ll be next in life. I’m just hoping it doesn’t slow me down too much to the point that I become a homebody.

It’s Bringing Me Closer to God Once Again

I’m on what I like to call a spiritual roller coaster. While I was in school, at one moment I’ll be at my peak and then the next moment I wouldn’t even care as much. Although I had resources around me to keep me spiritually grounded, let’s just be honest, trying to live holy and saved in college is NOT as easy as people make it out to be. It’s always been my desire to live my life that way, but I am not afraid to admit that I have gotten caught up many times. However, God has placed me right where He wants me so that I can return to that spiritual high and stay there. Living away from home on such a shaky foundation would have made getting back to that point so much more difficult than it already is.

All in all, returning home isn’t so bad after all. I have so much love and support here. It also gives me the opportunity to go after the things that I truly want without any extra worries or burdens. Each night I find myself thanking God for bringing me back. A month ago I would have felt all kinds of crazy for even saying that. But at the end of the day, this is my reality and I am very happy with it... Go figure.

In the words of Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ, “There’s no place like home.”