What's the Purpose?

It’s approximately two months to the day of my last blog post. It’s totally trifling… I know. The piece of motivation that pushed me to write this is my recent lack of motivation.

I love to write and I love to blog. But lately I’ve found myself asking… “what’s the purpose?” I believe with all my heart that my ability and passion for writing is a gift from God to achieve what He wants. With that in mind, it’s helped me to see that @@maybe my lack of motivation is from trying to achieve my own purposes rather than His.@@ I’ve had so many good ideas over time, but the bulk of them have never really been “God ideas”. And that's probably why they've never popped off. Everything that we do on this earth-- from the jobs that we work to the relationships that we establish-- is all for God’s glory. In the Word, it even says that apart from Him we can do nothing.

@@Have you ever thought that stints of writer's block and creative ruts is because our purpose isn't in line with His?@@ We can write many a-blog posts, post many a-photos, and tweet our lives away about the things we feel folks will be attracted to. But, if the message we relay isn’t in line with His purposes for us and our gift… will it really make an impact? Is what we’re producing really giving the people what they need? This alone is probably a good reason why we see so many cookie-cutter  blogs, vlogs, etc. Everyone (not exactly everyone) is trying to do the same thing rather than working in their God-given purpose. It’s as though we’re trying to find our voices through the style of others rather than going to the Source of our voice. He did create it, ya know.

When I found myself in a horrible creative rut, I knew it was time to reevaluate some things. And I knew the only way to get any kind of clarity was to unplug from the world and get quiet before the Lord. For the bulk of September I spent my time in prayer and fasting, desperate to hear from God. He’s spoken and given me some direction, but I’m not 100% there yet. If you’re in the same place as me I urge you to try this out. Even if it’s for a day, deny yourself of the things that consume your time the most and use that time instead to pray, read the Word and listen for God’s response. Trust me… it works!

Being fully connected to God will always be a M A J O R  K E Y. If He said we can do nothing without Him, then it is what it is. That alone should be enough motivation to push us not only to seek our true purposes with our gifts, but to seek the Lord more. It takes a ton of discipline, but the results will bring great reward.

@@It’s so much better being in the will of God than anywhere else.@@ Especially when it comes to attaining our success.