New Phases, New Adjustments

It’s been a little under 6 months since I completed college. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. In an older post I wrote about how I had moved back home although it wasn’t part of the plan. In another post I wrote about how things I would do to keep myself busy since I was unemployed. I heard many stories about how people waited months and months (even years) before they landed their first position. I knew I was going to be one of them. Funny enough, I started my current position nine days after that post and I didn’t even see it coming. God works wonders, doesn’t He?!

Graduation Day 12.20.2015

Graduation Day 12.20.2015

January 21 marked the day that I began my career in social media and digital communications. It’s only been 3 ½ months so far, but it has been the most rewarding time. I’ve met awesome colleagues, learned new things that I can apply both to my job and my passion, plus a pay raise! Not too shabby of a start if you ask me.

@@With new phases in life comes new adjustments.@@ I want to share the three biggest shifts that have become my reality as as full-time chica:

1. Sleep has become more important than ever. I spend about 12 hours a day prepping for work, commuting there, actually working and commuting back home. In the 9 to 5 world, there’s no such thing as a nap. That being said, I turn my lights out at 10 and try to be asleep by 10:30.

Now I know some of y’all may be thinking I’m crazy or wondering how I do it. I literally force myself. When I was in college I slept whenever I wanted, honestly. If I wanted to sleep instead of going to class, I had that liberty. If I wanted to take a nap after a 45-minute class I could. But now… I wouldn’t even think twice of choosing sleep over the coin. Plus, I am so someone who values sleep. Without it I’m a dead woman walking. Since I know how I am and what I need to produce at the best of my ability, I decided to set myself a bed time. It’s still taking some getting used to, but it works.

2. Time is literally money. I’ve come to realize that the work doesn’t end at 5. My day job is a task within itself, but it is not my end all be all. I have career goals outside of the current field I’m working in and a brand that I am set on building. We have 24 hours in a day. 11 of them are dedicated to my day job, 8 are dedicated to my full night’s sleep. That leaves me with 5 hours to work on my passion and brand. Adding a full-time job has shown me the real challenges that budding brands face when it comes to limited time.

There isn’t a minute to waste, so I try to dedicate 3 ½ - 4 hours a day to my site and other projects. In college, I had extreme amounts of time on my hands that I really wished I had taken advantage of. Even when it comes to networking and attending events to further my break into fashion, I have to use my weekends even if it means a tiring day trip. I will say, however, since my day job aligns well with my passion I’m doing a lot of beneficial learning while on the clock.

3. @@Excuses don’t work anymore.@@ If I drop the ball… that’s it. I’ve never had to be so responsible in my life until now. Not only do I have to always be on my p’s and q’s when it comes to excelling in the workplace, but now I have to really be on top of making sure that I am consistent with my brand building. Being a full-fledged adult is serious business. If we want to be taken as such, then we must act accordingly.

This world waits for no one. For so long I allowed to float with the wind and let it pass me by. Thankfully, I’m only 23 and allowing God to take the lead. I am thankful for the lessons learned so far and am looking forward to the ones to come. @@You can never have too much wisdom.@@

What are some of the major shifts that you’ve experienced post-grad?

Here's my work look from today!