Fakin' It. Almost Makin' It.

One thing that has helped to keep the ball rolling as I take my life’s journey is keeping my eyes on the future. Where I am currently is a great place. I have a great job, a supportive family and amazing friends. Although right now is looking good for me, I know that this is not where I want to stay.

I desire to grow. I absolutely do not expect to remain stagnant in my personal life, spiritual life, relationships or career. One important piece of this internal growth is taking it from the inside and making it visible. As I grow daily as a professional, I realize that I have to take myself more seriously with my style of dress. Although I haven’t quite broken into my industry of choice quite yet (fashion, of course), I decided it’s time to get in that mindset now. Therefore, @@I’ve taken it upon myself to start dressing for the job that I want.@@

And you know… it’s made a difference!

I find myself motivated now more than ever to get my tasks complete at work. It serves as a daily reminder that I am not there yet, therefore I work harder. I also find that people take me seriously as I have began to take myself more seriously.

I desire to go very far, but the only way for me to make it anywhere is to @@take the little steps now to get there later.@@ This has also allowed me to exude confidence. I walk with a new stride and take on the day with a more positive outlook. @@Whoever told you what you wear doesn’t matter… LIED!@@

Faking your way to the top doesn’t always have to mean being sneaky or doing wrong to get there. It can also mean imagining yourself in a position and executing things as if they were.