My Style Signature Discovery

For the absolute LONGEST time I've searched here, there and everywhere for my style signature. As I was reading one of my absolute favorite books, Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht, I noticed that in one of her chapters she mentioned the importance of having your own style signature. Hers in particular is the red lippie. Michael Jackson (my boo for life), had the high-water pants and sequined-embellished military-styled threads. Diane Von Furstenberg, had the wrap dress. Heck, even Red Oyster from “Flavor of Love” was known for wearing red everyday.

Each person named had a part of their style that they made theirs. They had something that represented them. It made them memorable. As I began to brainstorm what it was in my style that screamed “THIS IS TAYLOR!” from the mountaintops, I just could not put my finger on it. First, I was going to choose black because I like to wear it all the time. But it didn’t feel unique and personal enough to me. @@What you wear and HOW you wear it says a lot about you.@@ This was saying nothing. Therefore I scratched it. Next, I thought about my natural fro being my signature. But that couldn’t work either since I like to switch my hair up often. However... I am definitely becoming the crochet braid queen. 

 After a while, I gave up on it and put the thought in the back of mind. I honestly felt that there was no article of clothing, shoe or accessory that was me. Then a few months later… I found it!!

Aliza Style Quote.jpg

I was planning to attend brunch with a friend and in desperate need of an outfit. As I was shopping, I went through so many dresses, skirts, pants, blouses and sweaters. But the only thing that really spoke to me that day was a jumpsuit. When took a look at myself in the mirror once I put it on, it suddenly hit me. THIS IS IT! It all began to make sense. As I reflected on my shopping habits, I noticed that I always gravitate to jumpsuits and rompers. It's like an innate habit. 

Whenever I’d go shopping for a special occasion, I’d choose a jumpsuit before a dress. Even in some of my favorite Instagram photos, I was wearing a jumpsuit. I love how it’s able to give me comfort while still serving classy chicness. I loved how it makes me feel taller than I actually am. It gives me confidence in what I’m wearing. I feel authority when wearing it. I feel so much like myself. The only downside comes in once it's time to visit the ladies room. 

In addition to my jumpsuit obsession, I’ve come to realize that my purple cat-eye frames have become my signature as well. It was a journey finding the frames that were right for me. I talked about it here. One thing I knew for sure was that if I'm forced to wear something everyday, @@it has to speak loudly to who I am as a person.@@ It also has to set me apart. I have yet to see anyone else with glasses exactly like mine. That is the goal!

I have a second pair that are plain and black, but I recently decided to ditch those. It’s definitely nice to switch things up a bit, but @@in order for your signature to stick it must be consistent.@@ You can’t wear something once and say it’s you. Attention spans are short nowadays. Keep it going! Repeat, repeat, repeat! @@You are what you give off. Let your signature speak.@@ 

During my time of struggling to find what was right for me, it turned out to be sitting under my nose the entire time. If you’re having this problem like I did, it be the same for you! Really take inventory of what it is that you wear on a consistent-basis and assess if it could be your signature.

As I continue go through the year, one of my goals is to have a section in my closet that is a collection of jumpsuits. I have some amazing ones now, but I can’t wait to add more!

Do you have a style signature? How did you find it? Share below!