Hello, Colourpop

It’s safe to say that I have a new beauty obsession and I have no plans of letting it go. That obsession is none other than Colourpop lipsticks!

For an extensive amount of time, I would see tweets and Instagram posts about this new and affordable cosmetics line. I wasn’t always a makeup girl, so I would usually pass those posts by. Plus, I was already happy with my red drugstore lipstick. I don’t quite remember why I made the decision to test Colourpop out, but I did. And I loved it!

Since I was a first time customer I was offered $5 off my first purchase. What was even better was that each lippie was only $6.00. (Move over MAC!) There were also so many colors to choose from between satins and mattes. I was never a fan of matte colors on my lips. I always wanted gloss and shine along with colors that weren’t “daring”. But then I realized it was time for me to grow up!

That being said, I placed my very first Colourpop order. Within 3 days,  I received three colors: Zipper, Mess Around and Toolips. I took a step out of the box and decided to order one matte out of the three. To my surprise, the matte (Zipper) ended up being my fave! I wear it just about every day. My absolute favorite thing about it is that it leaves no kind of residue behind. There’s nothing better than all day wear!

Being that I’m a chocolate girl, @@finding a lip shade that works can sometimes be a challenge.@@ Thankfully, if you search around you can find awesome beauty bloggers who practice different color swatches. So if you’re apprehensive about a shade you can definitely find someone who has already tested it out.

If you don’t get anything else from this post, @@please know that Colourpop is the truth!@@ Try it!

If you've tried it, share the colors you love below!