Living Successful: Cocktails with Claire

This past weekend I made the most spontaneous move to date. I hopped on a bus for an extremely last minute trip to NYC for a major “I’d never forgive myself if I miss this” event. Cocktails with Claire is a series of events where Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, comes to various cities for a time of mingling, shopping and learning.

Yesterday’s event focused on what it means to break into the entertainment world. The panelists included Yandy Smith of Love & Hip-Hop, Alicia Quarles of E! News, Beyonce’s extremely talented stylist, Ty Hunter, Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Miss Diddy LA, and DJ Kitty Cash. The topics touched various ground including personal branding, non-support from family, sacrifice, building the right tribe, persevering through rejection, staying out of your own way, work/life balance and so much more.

As someone making strides to break into the fashion magazine arena, I found yesterday to be uplifting. It’s one thing to hear such advice from those whom you see on your social media timeline here and there, but it’s another to hear these things from figures who are 1.) Where you want to be and 2.) People who you’ve admired for years. I loved how the panel kept things all the way real with us and allowed us to see that making it anywhere will never be as glamorous as the results look. They also stressed that even when you feel you’ve “made it” there will still be work to do. As Yandy told us, @@“be the first to catch the fish”.@@

The panelists were even so gracious to mingle with us after the event. They were each so very open and approachable. 

I found solace in being in a room full other amazing ladies and gentlemen who are also trying to find their way. There was an unmatched level of support and encouragement.

Of course, when in New York do what the New Yorkers do! That means slaying, duh! Take a glimpse at my chosen look for the event below:

And an added bonus! Me and Ty!