Peace & Social

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a true social media junkie in every sense. I’m a Twitter-holic for sure. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’d rather answer a tweet than a text. I’ve even gone as far as beginning a career in social media (and it’s very lit).

As we all have come to notice, social media is an extremely powerful tool. It’s usually a person’s first source for news and updates in popular culture. Some folks have literally shot to stardom and major popularity simply from doing social media well. I’ve made some great friends and have come across an awesome network of people (including some big name folks in my industry) just by being active on social. I love how it can help me to remain connected to old friends and create bonds with new ones. Shoot, people have even found their spouses through social! Sometimes it really does go down in the DMs.

Now, social media to me is such an awesome outlet. However… with just about everything is this world, there is always a negative side.

Social media is a very open space. So open that some tweeters, IGers and FBers decide to put their entire lives on blast for all to see. In addition to that, we also see various negative and often useless debates based only on opinion. Random strangers can instantly attack and gang up on a person just because they don’t agree with someone’s stance on an issue. It’s actually pretty childish if you ask me.

I can definitely say that there have been countless times where statements I see on Twitter have gotten under my skin. ESPECIALLY those that attack by beliefs and those who skew what it means to be a follower of Christ. There have been a number of instances where I’ve had to unplug from social because the ignorance can be way too much. I’m not a person to “clap back” often, but social can have me ready to get all the way out of character… which is terrible.

I’ve discovered recently that social media is a place where we all must tread lightly if we are frequent users. If we aren’t careful enough, it can definitely disturb our inner peace. The Word tells us to guard our hearts. The things we see on social media that upset us can easily become thoughts we internalize. People can become easily swayed by things that pop up on social. There are ideologies presented that may seem to make sense, but turn out to be misleading and can unfortunately be taken for fact.

In living saved, we must be very conscious in who we allow in our social media space. @@Keeping confusion out of our social media lives is just as important as doing the same personally.@@ I’m sure any of us are involved on social media for the fun of it, but let’s be real… it honestly is an extension of our personal lives. We’re sharing our very thoughts in front of hundreds and thousands of strangers. So @@just as we would with our inner circle, we have to be intentional about keeping our social timelines healthy and as peaceful as possible.@@

I’ve discovered three ways to keep your social media a safe and peaceful place:

Use That Mute/Block/Unfollow Button

I find the easiest way to get rid of a social media pest is to simply disconnect yourself from them. If it’s someone making statements that are annoying to you in the moment, then maybe muting them until things blow over will suffice. Now, if a person gets and remains outright disrespectful, then choose to block or unfollow accordingly. Cutting people off in the social space may feel awkward initially, but it’s for your own good. If they notice… they’ll get over it.

Lock Your Tweets

This applies to anyone who has a personal Twitter account and is not using it for branding or professional purposes. Locking your account is always a great way to be able to filter who can and cannot see your social media content. With Twitter, they aren’t even able to see your response to a tweet or thread. That’s definitely a surefire way to keep away from unnecessary distractions.

Take a Hiatus

If you ever feel that what’s going on in the world of social media is overwhelming, take a step back. I’ve taken social media hiatuses a number of times and they’re always a blessing. We spend so much time on the internet that we forget about the other things that we can be doing with that time. Even if it’s for a few hours, take time to unplug from the social media madness when necessary.

Social media is definitely a gift and a curse, but the gift is always better side. @@Never allow the messiness that can be social media to rob you of your peace.@@  Also, don’t let it get you out of your character. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through social is that not everything requires a response. @@Not everything is worth a response. When it comes to the social world, pick your battles wisely.@@

Protect your space!