What I Wore Today + Celebrating Self

What I wore to work today was pretty cute or whatever.

This lovely pleated dress was an amazing bargain that I discovered at TJ Maxx. What I loved most about it was the fit. It hugged me correctly, without giving the office too much. I work at a professional association, so I definitely can’t throw the goods all out there. One rule I’ve learned is that if one part of your body is being overexposed (in this case, my arms) be sure that other parts of the body are effectively covered. Although my legs were showing as well, because the skirt is loose and not form-fitting to my bottom area, it still gave the 9 to 5 appropriate look.

My shoes, which I adore, are metallic silver flatforms that I snagged at Aldo in NYC last summer. I love these shoes for work because the comfort they give is just as important as the style factor. I could walk miles in these bad boys and not get tired.

As I was going about the start of the week, I started to have a realization. @@One thing I’ve come to learn is taking time to celebrate the small victories is a major key.@@ I feel we can get so lost in what’s going on that we forget to give ourselves credit. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the progress that we make in our walk with God. @@Appreciating the smaller steps make the bigger achievements that much sweeter.@@

Did you decide to remain silent instead of clapping back at someone who was irritating you? Celebrate that!

Did you finally wake up and get out of the house on time? Celebrate that!

We don’t change overnight and we will forever be a work in progress. If we were able to get it all right, what would we need our Savior for? Set a goal for yourself each day. One toward your professional development and one for your personal development. As you begin to cross off more goals as you go along (and celebrate your achievement) you will see progress in no time.

So sis, have patience with yourself. You will get there. We’re all still trying to figure it out. Thankfully, we have God to help.