Skinny Shame

I’ve always been petite. Quite short and pretty skinny. Many people may read this post and think, “why is she complaining?” or “what is the problem with being skinny?” @@I’ve always had my issues with being a small girl.@@ While my size never drew me to a point where I desired to be any smaller, it has caused me to develop minor body image issues.

I look at social media and some of my favorite entertainment channels just to see the message that thick is the way to go. I see women with voluptuous boobs, thick thighs and "stallion booties", while I have door knobs for breasts and chicken thighs.  

One day I was getting dressed in front of my grandmother when she said to me, “you have the perfect shape! Do you know how many people would kill to have a body like yours?” In my head, I immediately thought that being small is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it does have its downside. Therefore, I want to share three of the most common misconceptions I've come across while being a skinny girl.

Shopping IS NOT An Easy Task For A Skinny Girl

This is my number one issue with being small. This may seem like something superficial, but it's a real issue for me. I say all the time how much I wish that I could find ONE pair of pants that fit without me needing to wear a belt. It's very common that the pants I purchase end up being way too big around the waist. To make matters worse, I can't even attempt to wear pants without belt loops. If I wear pants without belt loops, I let them sit at my hips. However, when I would need the waist tighter I'd have to use a hair tie. How whack is that?! When I put on jeans, they fit my legs, but I always have a tremendous amount of space in my pants. I hate it. Who truly wants to invest their money in tailoring every single time they purchase an article of clothing?

Just Because I Am Small Does Not Mean I Do Not Need The Gym

If I had a dollar for every time someone gave me a side-eye for mentioning the fact that I'm going to the gym/am trying to eat better, I'd be pretty well off. It also grinds my gears horribly when someone adds their two cents about how I don't need to work out. @@I may be small, but that does not equate to being healthy.@@ I get worn out walking up one flight of stairs alone. It would be easy for me to take advantage of the fact that I am small and just eat recklessly, but based on my family line I see there is a huge chance that I will not always be this size. 

 I Get Self-Conscious, Too

My size is not a huge problem for me, but there were many times where I wished I was thicker. Even now, I still think about it from time to time. Especially being that being a thick woman is what's most desired in society. Now, I would never poke fun at a person who is heavy-set because it's just not right, but simply because I am skinny does not mean that it's okay to make negative comments about it. Growing up, I've heard many things like, "you're a twig", "you look like you never eat", or my personal favorite, "let me feed you a biscuit". Trust me, @@there have been points where I've tried eating more so that I could gain weight. However, it never works.@@ I have yet to reach 110 pounds, yet I've never been considered unhealthy or dangerously skinny. My size is genetic and I've come to terms that it is something that I can't control. I'm sure this point goes for many of us. The craziest part about it is that I’m truly not that small. I’ve definitely seen smaller. It just goes to show how powerful words can be.

 @@Skinny shaming is just as real as any other kind of shaming.@@ Although I've found it to be hurtful for me in the past, I've I've come to learn to love myself in the way God made me.