Vacay Chic

I honestly cannot believe that we’ve already hit August! It seems like just yesterday that I was developing my plans for the year. Now, I’m taking some time to reflect a little on what I’ve achieved so far this year. One of those achievements (which may be small to some, but huge for me) is that I was able to invest my first real vacation.

One of my close girlfriends and I hopped on a plane and took our talents to South Beach Miami. It still gets me to this day that I’m just now making it down there. When I was in college it seemed that was the move every spring break. Well… I finally had my chance!

Prior to the trip, I took time to nurture a chic vacation wardrobe. What better time is it to show off and show out?? Below I’m counting down my three favorite looks!

Look #3 (Day)

What I loved the most about this look was that I was able to serve a little sexy, while still keeping things subtle. It was also the perfect beachy casual look. Initially, I would have guessed that my handmade crochet halter would be my favorite piece, but it turns out that all of my love goes to my boyfriend jeans. As a relatively skinny girl, finding the right boyfriend jean was a true challenge. I searched far and wide… and then Zara changed my life! Prior to my trip I was told that  South Beach was about “stunting” and giving your best, therefore I knew that my crochet braids would add just the right amount of drama. My faux suede choker (also from Zara) gave the right amount of edge that I was looking for. Oh, and shout out to Colourpop for my lippie! Zipper, to be exact.

Look #2 (Swim)

What’s a trip to the beach without some banging swimwear options? After my friend and I ripped through the waves on our jetski, we threw off our life jackets and had some fun in the clear blue waters. Out of all the swimsuits I brought along, this Forever 21 grab was my absolute fave! As you may have gathered from my previous look, I’m all about being subtly sexy. Basically, I live for a great one piece. I love how the color of this bathing suit complements my dark skin. Sort of like a kiss of caramel dripped over decadent chocolate. (Too much?? lol!) I also was a huge fan of how the criss-crossed front exposed just the right amount of skin. I was definitely feeling myself if you weren’t able to tell.

Look #1 (Night)

Now, if you know me then you know that I LIVE for a jumpsuit or romper. I mean… I did name it my style signature. For a girls night out at Coconut Grove, I threw on this gorgeous floral, bell-sleeved Forever 21 romper. The very first element that stood out to me when I first spotted this piece online was the keyhole neckline. Once again, it helped me to achieve my subtle sexy style. I’ve always loved jumpsuits for what they do for my height. They give off the illusion that I’m a little taller than I actually am, which is a dream since I’m a shorty. Rompers don’t have that same effect, therefore I threw on a pair of strappy heels to add some length to my legs. They also added the perfect dash of elegance.

There were plenty more styles where these came from, but if I had to sum up my vacation in three looks, these are the ones!

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