Top Notch

When I was younger, I found myself borderline obsessed with the age-old competition show, America’s Next Top Model. Whenever it was time for the new episode to begin, I was always drawn to the question that led into the theme song... “you wanna be on top?” Many years later that same rhetorical question sticks with me. Yes, I do desire to be on top of my game. I want to be the absolute best at what I do no matter what it is that God gives me. I want all things that I touch to be done with excellence. Excellence is what raises you above the rest. Excellence is what gets you on top.

Doing things excellently seems to be relatively easy in theory, but can be quite a challenge in practice. Excellence takes discipline. Even more than that, excellence takes sacrifice. But even in the midst of the rough challenges that come with producing at our highest capacity, we have Help to get us through.

I want  to share some important points to help you keep in mind the importance of being excellent and what it means for you and others:

Since we were created in the image of God, excellence already lives within us (Genesis 1:26, Matthew 5:48; John 14;12)

When the Spirit of God lives in you, best believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. We may not BE God, however, He gives us the ability to operate excellently by the power and authority that He has given us within. It’s up to us to truly believe it and tap into it.

God has equipped us with gifts and skills to be used to serve Him and those around us (1 Peter 4:10-11, 1 Corinthians 12:4-6)

Every single person who has breath in their lungs is equipped with a God-given skill. The best part is that we all weren’t born to master the art of the same exact thing. So whatever your “thing” is, know that it is for the use of giving back in appreciation to God as well as being of service to your fellow brethren. You never know how much the time and attention you put toward being great at what you do can support someone else.

Doing your best work has the ability to change people; your dedication and impact can show people the God in you (Matthew 5:16)

When you’re working at the absolute highest levels possible, people will be organically drawn to you. A light within you will shine so brightly that others won’t be able to resist. They will gain interest and inspiration based off of what you do which could lead to a positive change in their own lifestyle. Ultimately, working excellently at what God has given can also open the door to others coming to know who He is through your ability. Your success can be a testimony of God’s goodness.

Doing what you do in excellence puts you in position for elevation (1 Peter 5:6)

You don’t have to claw your way to the top. When you commit yourself to doing your best work, God will take notice and give you more as He sees fit. But just know, the work has to be done first… and it has to be done WELL.

We must practice doing all that we do with excellence for the approval of God and not of people (Colossians 3:23)

I’m sure we’ve all realized at this point that people absolutely fail us. It’s a fact of life. Relying on the approval and acceptance of others will only hinder your ability to move to the next level. Why? Because people are never satisfied. But the thing about God, He’ll always appreciate our hard work and excellence toward that which He has given us. When you put the focus more on making God happy with your work, the less you begin to stress about how other feel. Plus, it gives you a new confidence.

Work excellently, but humbly. Never take the credit (Proverbs 27:2, Proverbs 16:18)

We’re able to do what we do, not by our own works. Remember that our skills are a gift from God. When you excel it’s okay to accept compliments and praise from others, but make sure that you always point them to the One who helped you to get there. No one likes a prideful and arrogant person. There’s no excellence in that.

I hope that these little tidbits have inspired you to pursue excellence more than ever before. There’s greatness within you waiting to come out. With your skills and talents there are lives that will be changed because of you. Don’t wait any longer to get on top. Become and remain top notch.

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