The Seed. The Time. The Harvest.

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I was so thrilled to receive plants for my apartment. One of them, which I named ‘Lil Boo’ (don’t ask lol), is definitely my favorite out of the three. The reason why I show that plant so much favor is because it has yet to fully bloom. It has beautiful flower buds on it that are beginning to blossom. Watching them make progress serves as a reminder to me that beautiful results take time and patience, but they also take nurturing and care.

So often we hear people say to “trust the process”. While it sounds pretty cliche, I think it’s safe for all of us to agree that it’s a true statement. Trusting the process is probably one of the hardest things to do in this life. To make it even better, there will be countless times where we will have to go through the cycle of planting and nurturing before we can enjoy the beauty.


My beautiful, growing plant once started as a seed. In the Word, we sometimes come across metaphors paralleling seedtime and harvest with faith and manifestation. When seeds are usually planted for crops, it is at least six months before the expected harvest. Six months is half a year...which is a lot of time. Since we don’t hold the time, we have not choice but to either practice our patience or let the seed die.

Look at a seed as a symbol of your faith. It doesn't matter the size. There is a promise or desire resting in your heart that you are believing God for. So, you plant that seed first by being convinced that there will be an end result. I highly doubt a farmer would plant a seed that would not eventually sprout. That seed, also, must be placed in good soil. Good soil for us is a pure heart with our belief in God’s ability at the center.

Once the seed is planted, we care for it and nurture it through prayer and patience as we allow God to do the growing. Yes, we water. But God has to send the rain.

Brothers and sisters, be patient until the Lord comes. See how the farmer waits for the land to produce its rich crop. See how patient the farmer is for the fall and spring rains. You too must be patient. You must remain strong. The Lord will soon come back. James 5:7-8

See? We have to wait, but we also must trust the God is coming with the harvest.

When we choose to neglect our seed by ceasing to water it with prayer or even not getting rid of the weeds or dead ends around it, it dies. Don’t allow your faith in God’s promises to die.

Waiting and long-suffering is the most difficult part of the process. But just as neglecting the seed can be harmful, rushing it can be just as bad. You could water a plant daily if you so desired because it seems right, but in all actuality it does the plant more harm.

Be wise in your waiting by seeking God on how to do so. Your crop will grow so beautifully, full of health and with the hand of God on it. Who wouldn’t want that?