Love Lesson

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Recently,  I received a little lesson in love thanks to God's amazing Spirit. I learned that in the past, I always had the wrong idea of what love was. By society's standards we learn that love is an overwhelming feeling that we have toward a person. We hear so many songs about how good love has been to someone or even how love hurt them.  But rarely do we hear about the act of love and how truly transformative it is. 

A very popular verse in Scripture says that God is love. And it's true! But what does that really mean? If you check out 1 Corinthians 13 (aka the love chapter), you'll find a list of what real love entails. If we can be honest...that list reads off everything that we aren't. 

Are you truly patient? Are you able to resist the urge to let the petty take over when your boo or bae makes you upset? Do you always want things to go your way? Do you have to fight the desire to throw acts of the past in your significant other's face?


Overcoming these shortcomings is difficult to achieve. Why? Because of our sinful nature. As mere humans, we don't have the ability to truly love others unless the Spirit of God is dwelling in us. To be a true lover, is to be like God and that is something that is impossible without His help. 

Love, in the way it was truly designed, should transform you. Love should make you better. It also is an action that we will never arrive at. It's a continual sanctification process that we will need the Lord's help with every single day.

Love is also an opportunity to demonstrate to others what it looks like to act out the first and greatest commandment: loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

So before you go out in the morning or before you encounter anyone, ask God to help you to love. 

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