Taylor Jay has successfully hosted engagements aligned with the Successful, Stylish, and Saved topics since she graduated from University of Maryland. The engagement types vary based on the organization or personal interest, including speaking engagements, social events, panels, and keynote presentations.  There are examples for each topic below:


“Clear the Clutter” (How to embrace freedom from your past in order to walk into your purpose)

“Back to Where You Started” (How running away from your purpose can ultimately bring you back)


“Take Your Place” (Becoming familiar with your gift and getting accustomed to using it in your own way)

“Your Style Signature” (Discovering which clothing item represents your personal style most)


“Saved Girl in a Media World” (How to live a bold life for Christ while navigating the media field)

“Reaching the Mark” (How to remain encouraged and connected to Christ through the rough patches of your purpose journey)

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