Taylor Jay is a 20-something young devoted follower of Christ who desires to be the voice for the Christian millennial generation. A native of the Washington D.C. area, Taylor attended the University of Maryland where she received her degree in broadcast journalism.

In the past, Taylor has had the opportunity to write for popular platforms such as xoNecole.com, TheFabEmpire.com, Sister 2 Sister magazine and Modern Luxury DC. She started A Zealous Voice in 2014 after many attempts to find her true voice using the platform.

Since high school, Taylor has always had a heart for God and ministry. She searched for the best way to mix her purpose with her desire to share her spiritual experiences as a teenager and college student. After graduating from college, Taylor began to see the difficulties that come with bringing one's natural life in tune with their spiritual life, especially in the age of social media. Therefore, her true mission was born. To encourage the millennial generation that they can live a completely set-apart life in Christ and still thrive as the successful every day young adult.

Taylor has a vision to see A Zealous Voice grow according to God's will. She is currently residing in Prince George's County Maryland and working in social media at her current job. She has future aspirations to be a radio and television personality with a focus on popular culture and inspiration.