Zealous Conversations: More than a Podcast


I'm so pleased to share my newest venture, Zealous Conversations!

It's my calling as a believer to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ends of the earth. Honestly, it's every believer's calling. But it doesn't necessarily mean that we all share or present the Word in the same manner. 

Personally, I'm a talker. I love to encourage and motivate others through use of my words and my voice. My career is in journalism, a field where truth is the pillar. My passion is being a witness for Christ, where truth is also the pillar.  So why not mesh the two?! 

Zealous Conversations is a place where the focus is to shine the light (Matthew 5:16) and set the standard (Romans 12:2) for Christ. It is built on growing in the truth of the Gospel and being equipped to become effective examples and disciples. 

I still have a TON of growing to do personally, so having this platform is most certainly a way of challenging me to go much deeper in my study of the Word and in my daily walk as a Christian. Speaking the Word of God to others comes with so much responsibility, but I am willing to rise to the occasion for the bettering of myself and everyone who chooses to listen. 

The first two episodes are below. I hope you enjoy!