Episode 3: But... Why?

If you’re reading this it’s too late. Trump is president.

We start off the episode with our recounts of the Obama presidency. And things get a bit emotional. Later on in the episode, we discuss what we as millennials want to see from Obama’s Presidential Center. #ThanksObama.

In the #CultureFix, we talk about Tamera Mowry’s reverse racist mayo sandwich and discuss Future’s petty appearance at the Falcons - Seahawks playoff game. Then we have to cancel out some black “””celebs””” for supporting Trump. Bye Chrisette. Finally, we discuss The Women’s March and pose the question, “Is it impossible to have ‘sisterhood’ with White women?”

In the #BeautyFix, we discuss our everyday beauty routine - and we all unknowingly swear by the same product.

And we end off the episode with a simple question. Why? We discuss the “why” behind our personal platforms and encourage you all to build with intention.

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