Episode 6: Loose Lips & Situationships

We had one rule for our guests this episode: Please no cussing… They made it 20 mins lol *Warning* There is strong language in this episode!

***Show Notes***

Welcome to a special episode of The Remedy Podcast! We welcome Devin Richards (and his wife Angela), Christopher “Biggie” Wallace (yes that’s his real name!) and Salasie for our Valentine’s Day episode. We took your love, relationship and dating questions and let them have at it! We discussed everything from stretch marks to being social media official and asking your partner “permission” to big chop. Then we take a deep (and heated) discussion into situationships. Did he just propose to shorty on air?! This episode definitely takes some wild turns.

Thanks to Devin (@MrPerfect_4 on IG), Biggie (Moscow_Big on twitter/IG) and Salasie (@Salastheboss on twitter/IG) for stopping by!

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