Episode 11: Insecure

We all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it” - Us… and Kanye West

***Show Notes***

We start out with shouting out our boss of the week and play a hard game of “Would You Rather?” We then get into our #CultureFix and read down your illiterate uncle Tyrese, who apparently has a book?!?!?! Also in ashy man news, some benchwarmer for the Dolphins doesn’t date black women because we don’t “submit” to our men. *long unimpressed yawn*

In the #PoliticsFix, we talk about 45’s new budget plan which is hellbent on ruining our country and possibly the world. Then in #BeautyFix, we talk about Sephora Accelerate, which helps develop women led beauty businesses. We shout out two of those businesses, which have amazing black women leading them.

Finally in the #FaithFix, we get real about our own insecurities. Yes, we all have them and they sometimes hard to talk about. From imposter syndrome to body image and career development, even the most seemingly confident among us are insecure about something. But as Taylor reminds us that Psalm 139:13-18, we are right where God wants us!

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