Episode 14: #ForTheWorld

How do you set yourself up for success on your own terms? Our Guest Michell C. Clark breaks it down for us. Stay tuned!

***Show Notes***

We start our show off with our #BossOfTheWeek Timea Gaines of She Rocks, which honors emerging and established women thriving in business and the arts in the DMV. For our icebreakers, we hop on the #ForTheWorld hashtag started by our guest Michell and Maura Chanz of @YouNeedTribe. We sum up what we do for the world in one-ish sentences.

For our #CultureFix, we read Pepsi and Nivea for their extremely insensitive ads. #HireSomeColoredFolks. Then we discuss, Suge Knight snitching (please don’t kill us too Mr. Knight) and That’s So Raven getting a spin-off. Finally we discuss French Montana and his twitter fingers. Just log next time Dutch Dakota. Just. Log. Off.

In our #PoliticsFix, we (again) discuss the world ending. 45 bombed Syria but won’t let Syrian refugees in… The Republicans went nuclear to appoint their supreme court justice pick… And the GOP is threatening to shut down the Government unless we defund Planned Parenthood. Get right with the Lord saints! For our #BeautyFix, we discuss our favorite physical characteristics, from our hair to our legs to Michell’s thot beard.

Finally we have a deep conversation with our guest Michell C. Clark. Def one of our fave #blkcreatives, Michell is a DMV based: social media coach, influencer, party host and creator of Artistic Manifesto. He speaks about his 5 and half year college experience, quitting his job, pressing on despite things not going your way and how to succeed on your own terms. If you are a creative (or anyone for that matter) looking for direction, Michell’s story of overcoming and persisting towards his passion will inspire and encourage you!

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