Episode 15: Auntie Maxine Says... Just Be.

Yes, you read that show title right! We have your Auntie’s favorite Auntie on the show today, Auntie Maxine Waters!

***Show Notes***

We start our show off with our #BossOfTheWeek Ebonee Davis (a Black model who only wears her natural hair. She’s booked Calvin Klein.) She did a recent Ted Talk on the truth of being a Black model in the industry. And in our icebreaker, we pick our sides in the Timbaland vs. Pharrell battle. Moving into our #CultureFix, we discuss TI ending his “distracting” marriage, and Janet Jackson ending her $500 million one. Secure the bag sistren. In our #BeautyFix, we discuss Elle’s first African cover girl this century (kinda…) and how Forbes’ top beauty influencers list ain’t have not one black on it.

And finally for the moment you’ve been waiting for! We interview California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, affectionately known as Auntie Maxine. And it’s truly a full circle moment for us. She was our very first #BossOfTheWeek! Known for her expert level shade and telling it how it is, Auntie Maxine’s main goal in life (other than empowering our youth) is to impeach Donald Trump. In this interview, she speaks about where she got her strength as a black woman, how others who feel “supressed” can learn how to speak up and how she really feels about being called Auntie Maxine. Just press play and collect these gems!

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