Episode 16: Case of the Ex

It’s a week full of babies, divorces and exes.

***Show Notes***

We start off our baby show with your favorite athlete’s favorite athlete, Serena Williams who shocked the snap with her baby bump. And in a yellow bathing suit no less. Been slipping Bey’s lemonade huh? Next we move on to Janet Jackson who apparently isn’t taking her $500 million divorce money. We’ll take it sis! And speaking of divorces, Carmelo ‘Ain’t Got A Ring’ Anthony had the audacity to cheat on Lala and get his side chick pregnant. And Mary J’s ex husband is spending HER money on his new girlfriend. Who do you think is dying first?

On to the #PoliticFix. Jason Chaffetz who is the Republican who would be in charge of calling for an official Trump investigation says he’s not running for any office in 2018. Could there be another Russian connection here? We also have a chance to add another Democrat to the House. The election for Tom Price’s seat (Secretary of Health and Human Services) is a close one in Georgia. The race for the normally a heavily republican district, GA-06, is neck and neck between the Democratic and Republican opponents. Humpty Dumpty Keith Ellison, who lost chair of the DNC, came sideways out to neck to say Obama is tarnishing his legacy. Bye sis. AND BYE MR. O’REILLY! His racist, sexist self is finally out of a job at Trash News.

In the #BeautyFix, we talk about Becca’s new collab with clapback queen Chrissy Teigen. And Toni gets you influencers and bloggers together regarding ad disclosure on social media. Come get this info before the Feds gets your coin for violating the law.

And finally in our #FaithFix, we talk about break ups and our exes. What we learned from them and how we moved on. Come get these gems girl!

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