Episode 21: Hire A Publicist

Reverse racism isn’t a thing...

***Show Notes***

This week, we welcome Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer of The PR Alliance! We break the ice with our tales of interesting (and awkward) celebrity encounters. Things get a bit heavy in the #CultureFix, as we discuss the killing of Richard Collins III by a white nationalist on the campus of the University of Maryland. It’s been a rough few years of rocky race relations on campus. Now is the time to step it up. The we move into Adrienne Bailon’s critique of Monique and her apology to Naturi Naughton for the 3LW beef. Finally, we discuss the “Pill Cosby” drink made by DC-based, black owned bar “Diet Starts Monday”. Did it go too far?

In the #PoliticsFix, we discuss the Montana special election. The Republican candidate won the election after body slamming a reporter to the ground. Welcome to Trump’s America.

In the #BeautyFix, we discuss our beauty and style icons, with picks from Lupita N’yongo to Blair Waldorf, this is an interesting discussion!

Finally in the #FaithFix, we chat it up with Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer of The PR Alliance! Introduced by mutual friends, these ladies bonded over a love of communications and their PR firm was born. But not without its difficulties. From adapting to each other’s work habits, dealing with clients, and even the unexpected loss of a 9-5 job, the path to entrepreneurship has been a hustle. But they love it! Tune in to catch some jewels about running your own business, picking the right partner and of course, protecting and building your brand!

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