Episode 22: The Weight of Dreams

Repeat after us: I vow to carry the weight of my dreams!

***Show Notes***

This week, we have another full circle moment, as we welcome former #BossOfTheWeek Timea Gaines to the show! We open up shouting out our girl Berry of PodcastsInColor.com! She is a podcast enthusiast and advocate for podcasts by people of color. Then we segue into talking about what we’ve learned thus far this year.

In our #CultureFix segment, we discuss #EbonyOwes, as freelance writers take to twitter demanding back payment from Ebony Magazine. Then we discuss the disheartening news about the noose found in the NMAAHC. Why can’t y’all just let us exist in peace? Finally, we switch gears to Kathy Griffin’s publicity stunt. Just apologize and move on sis.

In the #PoliticsFix, we hope you got your fill of Cuban cigars and Havana nights, but Trumpito is shutting down your access to Cuba. He’s also shutting down our participation in the Paris Agreement. Cuz clearly the facts about climate change don’t matter to him. And finally Hillary sis, WYD? In a podcast interview, Clinton goes *in* on the Democratic Party and blames them for her loss. Yikes.

In the #BeautyFix, Toni poses a simple questions with a complicated answer: What is your definition of beauty. The answer… Well… it’s way more than meets the eye.

Finally in the #FaithFix, we talk with Timea Gaines founder of She ROCKS and Love Life Media. This Morgan State grad is out here ROCKING! She was just on PG County’s 40 under 40 list and Hello Beautiful’s Women To Know, Class Of 2017: The Comeback Queens. All while being a breast cancer survivor. This story gets very passionate and inspiring so hit play NOW and get blessed!

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