Episode 23: Hold Fast to Your Purpose

Know your purpose and hold fast to it!

***Show Notes***

This week we start off with some #BlackGirlMagic, as we celebrate Yara Shahidi announces she’ll be heading to Harvard with Malia Obama. And from #BlackGirlMagic to #BlackBoyJoy, we discuss our experiences at Chance The Rapper’s #BeEncouraged tour. Take all our money Chance! Please!

In our #CultureFix segment, we discuss Mary J. Blige’s $30k a month alimony payments to Kendu. Yikes! Just stab him sis and keep your coins. Next we move on to the toxic relationship between Lamar Odom and his daughter. She said “go rehab or lose me…” He chose the drugs. Next up, Keshia Knight Pulliam decided that she was gon show up on Pill Cosby’s behalf during his sexual assault trial. Rudy girl… you in danger! Lastly, Nikki C called it! Bill Maher called himself the n-word and and White America couldn’t *wait* to defend him.

In the #PoliticsFix, Nikki C breaks down the Comey Tapes. And as always... the world is burning. Get right with The Lord sis.

In the #BeautyFix, Taylor and Toni attended Cover Talk with Claire presented by WOE (Women Own Excellence) Magazine. And they got a chance to interview both the EIC of WOE Magazine Ayo Thomas and THE Claire Sulmers of FashionBombDaily.com. They both have amazing stories about purpose and perseverance.

Finally in the #FaithFix, Taylor had a WORD on her heart. When you know that you know your God given purpose, don’t let anyone distract you. Even Jesus had this problem y’all! In Matthew 16:21-23, his disciple Peter tried to tell Jesus he didn’t have to die. But God knows best. So know your purpose and hold fast to it!

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