Episode 24: Go DJ

DM your mixtape links to @LittleBaconBear and @Malcolm_X and leave us out of it.

***Show Notes***

This week we welcome two of the DMV’s best DJs, DJ Little Bacon Bear and DJ Malcolm X to the show! We start off this episode by shouting out the Formation Scholar winners (all black girls by the way!) and everyone who came to the #DMVPodcastMeetup! There will be more meetups in the future!

In our #CultureFix segment, we discuss the tragic mulatto story of Tinashe. She claims that black people don’t support her so that’s why she’s not winning. But we suspect you just don’t know your lane beloved. Next, Queen Nene is returning to #RHOA, and had ber announcement via IG in the most Nene fashion ever. And lastly, you know we have to discuss Jada’s comments about the new Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. Toni saw a pre-screening and gives her take on the move and Malcolm spills some tea about the director.

In the #PoliticsFix, we take a moment of silence for victims of the Alexandria baseball practice shoting. But we have to wonder, why isn’t the shooter being labeled a terrorist. Then we get into Jefferson Beauregard Sessions congressional hearing. You forgetful like Dory now sis? And we told yall to make your Cuba plans, cuz Trump has shut that down… Unless of course, you got the coins. And lastly, Pence smells the fire and hires his own attorney for the Russia hearings. When are we just gonna impeach this whole administration.

In the #BeautyFix, Toni reminds yall that it’s sunscreen season! Sunscreen is mandatory for everyone, everyday! You too black girls! And you need to reapply it throughout the day. The SPF in your makeup does not cut it. SPF 15+ is needed daily in a moisturizer or as a standalone.

Finally in the #FaithFix, we interview DJ Little Bacon Bear, a female DJ hailing from Kansas and the DMV’s own DJ Malcolm X. We discuss the state of music in the DMV, what’s it like being a female DJ, what it takes to be a good DJ and how you can get your music heard. It’s another great interview so get on it!

Interact with our guests:

DJ Little Bacon Bear: twitter.com/littlebaconbearinstagram.com/littlebaconbear and littlebaconbear.com
DJ Malcolm X: twitter.com/malcolm_x and Instagram.com/malcolm_x

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